This is second time to work this shop.
We enjoy coffee,snack and lunch.

Today's main things was drawing picture on the window.
cause I used to work to the designers company.
So most time I spent drawing,It was fun!!!

I told about this story to Helena.
She said "Could you do same things to my shop?"
I said "Of course! Why not!?

we went to Jeane's house.
cause today such a nice day,
I wanted to barbecue party with my friend.
So I called Jeanne,Jay,Jacky,Song and Ted.
However Jeanne had to work 5:30 to 10:00,and
Ted was tired to job interview.

Fortunately Jacky,Song and Jay can come over to barbecue,
all men played soccer with Jack and Darcy.
Helena and I made barbecue.

I had a nice time too.

Thank you everyone!
I went to farmer's market with Emmy.
It was next to Childrens farm.
I thought this market is bigger than another one.
I bought leek and rhubarb.
I can make a good Jam♡

However Emmy doesn't had energy,I've never seen like this her.
I worry about her.

Tonight Jack's friend's mother ,who is Devi,is vegetarian,
invited me to her house for dinner.
It was luxurious dinner!
I was enjoy that dinner♡
I will definitely make these dishes!
Thank you Devi,Simon,Ari and finly^^
Today I called my friends and make a wonderful party.
Chika,Jacky,Song and Ted came over for dinner.
They bought and bring some chips and wine.

Actually Helena's boys were going to Marcus's house,but
Jack refused to go his house when he came Helena's house.
Cause he wanted to see Jacky and Song,and he could play magic
front of them.

So It was wonderful time,every body had good reaction.
Jack is good entertainer.

I pleasure of you.
Thank you very much^^
Yesterday I was miss communicate,so
I've been sad.
However I was helped by Jacky and Ted.
Cause they are talkative and humor.
I was back my mind.
Thank you!

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